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Lauda Leon & Joseph Reyna (E.T. abduction & MILAB experiences/Future seen) on LNM Radio 10-24-17

My name is Sovereign Ki, Lauda Leon and I am an experiencer with memory from prior to birth having been shown what is happening and what is to come from before entering this Realm sphere and continuing throughout my entire life. I have experienced life on multiple levels of reality from birth and discovered the various forces at work in our world that have been manipulating targeted humans.
Joseph Reyna
Joseph Reyna was born in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up Roman Catholic and joined the Marine Corps at 19. Promoted to Sergeant by age 21. Had planed on joining the Catholic priesthood after his tour of duty in order to become an exorcist but became disillusioned with politics and corruption within the priesthood. He has been researching his fact-based novels for nearly half his life. His research intensified with the discovery of Planet X, its approach to the inner solar system and its connection to the End of Days.


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