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Laws should be changed to allow us to marry and RAISE CHILDREN with robots, says expert

LNM Radio Network

MARRIAGE between robots and humans will soon be the norm and we should be allowed to raise children with them, an expert has stated.
Doctor David Levy, author of the New York Times Best Seller ‘Love and Sex with Robots’, has said that laws will soon be adjusted to allow humans to marry robots.

Dr Levy was speaking at a congress named after his book title, when he told the audience that he is an advocate of human-robot marriage when a sufficient level of artificial intelligence is developed.

The author was highlighting the changes in marriage laws over the past few decades in regards to marriage between two men or two women, and believes that people who love machines will soon be afforded the same rights.
He went even further by saying that a parent duo consisting of human and machine would be equally qualified to raise a child as two humans would.