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Mars: five big mysteries still left to solve on the Red Planet

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

After Nasa announces there is liquid water on Mars, what other mysterious discoveries can we expect to solve on the Red Planet?
Following Nasa’s announcement of liquid water on Mars, we have looked at some of the other theories about what is left to be discovered on the Red Planet.
There are several ideas from space enthusiasts as to what more can be uncovered on Mars.
One possibility is that the Red Planet hosts a replica of Stonehenge, known as ‘Marshenge’, after a circle of rocks were discovered.

Also causing excitement in the space world is the image of the Mars ‘pyramid’ captured by Nasa in May 2015.
YouTube video site Paranormal Crucible maintained that the object is likely to be “the result of intelligent design”, however, Nasa disputed this theory and said the object is simply a “rock”.

Watch the video from below link to learn more about what else is left to be discovered on the Red Planet.