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Media trying to stir up Trouble after Charleston,SC shooting.


The main stream media has put a major spot light on this shooting and as we know when it is a big story for main stream there is more to the story than we are being told.
I will sit back and observe what happens in the next week before I make a determination on what exactly took place and why but one thing we already know 100% true, is the attempt to strip us of our second amendment ! the right to bare arms.
Here is some of what the main stream is pushing
The suspect in the Charleston church massacre stood stone-faced from jail Friday, two heavily armed guards behind him as he heard relatives of his nine victims bare their grief and offer forgiveness in a video court appearance where he was ordered held without bail.
Roof never talked about race years ago when they were friends, but recently made remarks out of the blue about the killing of unarmed black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida and the riots in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody
If you watch main stream they are trying to fire things up just as they did in other events like Baltimore.

Notice how even the so called alternative media trys to stir things up by posting supposed tweets by black people who say its time to take up arms against white,if in fact these tweets are real,most are from alphabet agencies with in the controlled government to get us in a racial war so they can continue to enslave us. I am in SC and there is no tension right now between white and black people but if the media gets their way ! there will be because sheep follow the agents put out on that mission.

Below is an article from infowars

#WeWillShootBack: Blacks Issue Call to Arms in Wake of Charleston Shooting
In the wake of the shooting at a black church in Charleston that took nine lives Wednesday, many calls were issued for stricter gun control in America.
But others frustrated with what the media portrays as an increase in white on black crime took the shooting as a sign to procure guns in self defense, starting the Twitter hashta