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Michael Fullerton ( Scientists for 911 Truth) on LNM Radio 05-23-17

LNM Radio Network

Host Michael Vara was joined by activist Michael Fullerton who is the founder of Skeptopathy, which is the irrational belief that something is not true, improbable or is non-existent simply because it is unusual, controversial or otherwise disturbing. The term was coined by Michael Fullerton in the summer of 1994 while discussing the topic of “cold fusion” on the Usenet group sci.skeptic. Literally, the term skeptopathy, means pathological skepticism.

Skeptopathy Magazine is about exposing this pathological skepticism in the mainstream corporate media, within mainstream corporate-corrupted science and most particularly in mainstream “skeptic” organizations.

Unlike mainstream “skeptic” publications the focus here is on scientific skepticism and critical thinking in all areas not just those areas of no value to corporate and government interests.

The on-line publishing format has two main benefits: low cost allowing free access and living articles that can be revised continually.


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