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Michael Savage: ‘Megyn Kelly has gone over to the dark side’

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network


“CNN plus FOX plus MSNBC equals CIA plus NSA” — Michael Savage
By Shepard Ambellas
FOX News host “Megyn Kelly is working for the other side […] Hillary Clinton”, said radio talk show host Michael Savage on Friday’s broadcast.

“It’s as clear as a bell that Megyn Kelly has gone over to the dark side […] The more she sells out the wider her nostrils have become”.

“Have you seen them flair?”, Savage asked.

“This woman [Megyn Kelly] was once pretty.”

Savage feels Donald Trump “is the biggest threat to the status quo […] the establishment” and didn’t like how FOX’s Megyn Kelly attacked him during Thursday’s debates.
It looks as if the Clinton camp may have made one of their first moves to destroy Trump’s solid run and will likely continue to push that direction.
To no surprise Trump has already suffered some backlash from the Kelly attack which resulted in him being uninvited to at least one conservative event.

As the CIA and NSA tighten the strings on their bought and paid for puppets we will likely see more political maneuvering to force Trump outside of the mainstream circle, possibly even pushing him into independent territory.