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Monday Aug 29th A Special Public Service Show ( Surviving The Ipredator ) The Hunted becomes the Hunter

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Michael Vara will be Joined by Todd Knisely (Shadow) to discuss a common issue know as Ipredator or Michael Nuccitelli.

I refuse to call this man Doctor anymore because doctors do not conduct themselves in the manner Michael Nuccitelli does.

Many of you know the history of this alphabet agency reject who has been trying to destroy LNM and Michael Vara for over 2 years now.

Well now you will hear from another individual who is a security expert and professional white hat hacker. Shadow has dealt with Michael Nuccitelli first hand just as I had in the past,Shadow was used and then attacked in a way that patterns could be followed.

Michael Nuccitelli has a so called business name Ipredator, however it is only a name and nothing good ever comes from it or him. I believe this coward Michael Nuccitelli is mentally ill from years of isolation but whats more, I feel Michael Nuccitelli is a threat to himself and others as he uses his PHD to manipulate and harm others. Using those with mental illness or of a low maturity level to deliver attacks in cyberspace.

Learn all about this cover for information collection called the ipredator and learn of shadows personal experience with Michael Nuccitelli as he tells a familar story of infiltration,deception and attempted control or take over of independent radio and thos who try and inform the public of any and all dangers,,, including this one ! SCAMMER Nuccitelli

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NSA Trained Domestic Terrorists Caught Using Internet to Commit and Conceal Murders