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‘Morse code’ pattern covers sand dune on Mars

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

The sand dune patterns resemble Morse code. Image Credit: NASA / JPL / University of Arizona
A peculiar landscape of dots and dashes has been picked up by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
The intriguing phenomenon, which had never been observed before, was picked up on camera just to the south of the planet’s north pole within a natural circular depression on the surface.

Far from being an extraterrestrial message however this unique pattern is believed to have been produced by the wind in much the same way as the sand dunes typically found here on Earth.

What makes these formations particularly unusual in this case are the isolated ‘dots’ which seem to have been created by something interrupting the production of the linear dunes.

So far however scientists have been unable to determine what is causing this to happen.

As for the idea that these dots and dashes contain a hidden message – NASA planetary scientist Veronica Bray has actually taken the time to translate them in to English:


It would seem fair to assume that the dunes really are little more than a natural formation.
Or are they ??
See more at: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/296620/morse-code-pattern-covers-sand-dune-on-mars#sthash.T80Au2mg.dpuf