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Mother Claims To Have Captured Ghost On Baby Monitor Footage Of Sleeping Daughter


LNM Radio Network

See Video at this link below.


A mum got a fright when she spotted a strange shape hovering over her daughter’s cot on her baby monitor screen.

Jade Yates shared the recording above on Facebook, to get her friends’ opinions on the mysterious apparition.

“I won’t be sleeping very well tonight,” she wrote. “Who believes in ghosts? I didn’t until about five mins ago.”
Yates explained that the video showed her daughter Ruby sleeping in the front top left of the cot, in her room with the door shut, when nobody else was in the room.

“Well so I thought. You make up your own mind. One freaked out mumma right here,” she added.

Rather than soothe the unsettled mother’s fears, initial responses to the post claimed they could see not one, but two ghosts in the clip: “An old lady and a younger girl with a side fringe”.