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Nasa Curiosity rover takes selfie on Mars ?

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

hmmmmmm now how did it do that ????

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The Curiosity Rover has taken a panoramic selfie after stopping to drill into rocks at the Marias Pass on Mars
Nasa’s Curiosity rover used its inbuilt ‘selfie stick’ to capture this 360 degree image of itself sitting in the Marias Pass region of Mars.

The robot has been in the area drilling into rock dubbed ‘buckskin’ to investigate the chemical make-up of the red planet and is currently analysing samples in its internal laboratories.

Curiosity initially noted the area was high in silica and hydrogen on May 21 while climbing to a site and turned round to have a closer look.

After drilling into the rock it used the camera on its robotic arm to capture multiple images which were stitched together into a self-portrait at the drilling site.