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NASA proposes redefining the word ‘planet’

LNM Radio Network

The move, if successful, could mean that our own solar system actually has more than 100 planets in it.
In order for a body to be classed as a planet under the current definition of the word, it must be in orbit around its parent star, it must be massive enough for its own gravity to make it round and it must have “cleared its neighborhood” of smaller objects within its own orbit.

Now though, scientists at NASA have come up with a new definition of the word ‘planet’ that focuses, not on its orbital attributes, but on its physical properties.

If this were to become formally established it would mean that our own solar system would have over 100 planets including Pluto ( which was recently demoted ) and even our own moon. –
See more at: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/304173/nasa-proposes-redefining-the-word-planet#sthash.KukVySqP.dpuf