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Nasa’s New Horizons Pluto pictures: What we’ve learned

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

Dr Robert Massey explains what we’ve learned from Nasa’s New Horizons images and talks about the 11,000 ft high ice mountains
Deputy Executive Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society, Dr Robert Massey has called the Pluto images remarkable.

Dr Massey also spoke of the mysterious 11,000 ft high ice mountains and questioned if Pluto could have a radioactive core much like the Earth’s.

Mankind’s first close-up look at Pluto did not disappoint Wednesday: The pictures showed ice mountains on Pluto about as high as the Rockies and canyons on its big moon Charon that appear deeper than those on Earth.

Especially astounding to scientists was the absence of craters in a zoom-in shot of Pluto, the dwarf planet that hosted its first visitor from Earth on Tuesday, Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft.
They said that suggests to their surprise that Pluto is geologically active even now and is being sculpted not by outside forces but by internal heat.