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Encounters with the Neely’s

Welcome to the variety show on the LNM Radio Network, Encounters with the Neely’s with you hosts Darrell and Katie Neely. 

We wanted to bring back retro interactive radio to the fullest and by doing that we will be discussing endless topics and throwbacks of the yester years….so now its the LNM Radio Networks THROWBACK SATURDAY NIGHT VARIETY SHOW!!

So, what happened two the good old days when people were loyal and we all had fun no drama? For some people, throwback Saturday is a day of nostalgic bliss. The world we live in- modern day life is full of smartphones, robots, and frustratingly confusing technology and remnants of the yester years long forgotten in history. Turning back the hands of Father Time brings people to a place of peace.

We want to see some old goodies, and so you are all in good company to explore the nostalgia of the yester years and what is yet to come!  Nevertheless, seriously, we thought it would be cool to highlight a collection of old school a time before they were even possible. Try not to shed a tear when looking at the simplistic beauty of old times. This will be the one time that will make you stare at your smartphone and wish that it didn’t exist. 

NOTE: While it is important to reflect on the beauty of yesterday, it is important to remember that we are indeed lucky to live in the time we do today. Technological advancements have improved the lives of everyone around us and will make the world better as we continue to evolve!

THE NEELY’S WEBSITE: https://www.neelyproductionsinc.com