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Late Night in the Midlands

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This is the Flagship show for all of LNM Radio Network.

Michael Vara is the host & creator of the popular night time radio show Late Night in the Midlands
Michael would later bring the LNM Radio Network to the big stage.
Michael has always been interested in the paranormal & the unknown after having many of his own experiences,including a haunting that turned violent,starting a fire in his bedroom as he slept and throwing objects at him and his guest.
Michael had two OBE’s as a small child in 1981 and to this day he questions what really happened those nights and wonders why he was unable to leave his room during both OBE’s
Michel would have another OBE as an adult in 2004 only this time he met with his mother who passed away a few years prior in Sept of 2001.
Michael Vara would have several UFO sightings and a couple in which he calls encounters,including a very large ship that passed over he and his wife in 2013 after finishing a radio show on UFO’s.
Michael has been led on this path by the strangeness in his life and because of it all,he is on a mission to get to the truth no matter who or what it leads to.
Michael started LNM Radio because he was tired of the lies and deception on the air waves and he knows of one person who he can always trust and since Sept of 2008 Michael has been that person,steering up the pot and exposing the truth one show at a time while covering everything.
Michael has been on several radio shows and has appeared on Cable TV, A&E & American Destination “Paranormal Survivor”
Michael Vara is from Rochester,NY and has lived in South Carolina since 2008
Michael is the father of 6 and a grandfather and is why Michael does what he does

Late Night in the Midlands airs at 9:00 PM EST Mondays thru Fridays and is repeated at 9:00 AM EST Tuesday thru Saturday.