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No One Knows What Happened To Japan’s Lost $US273 Million Black Hole Satellite

No One Knows What Happened To Japan's Lost $US273 Million Black Hole Satellite

Last month, Japan launched a satellite it described as “essential” to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. This weekend, that $US273 ($362) million satellite mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only an ominous trail of debris and some cryptic messages.
Hitomi was due to wake-up and start responding to ground communications this weekend. But then the Joint Space Operations Center, which tracks debris in our orbit, announced that they’d seen pieces of the satellite breaking up into space on Saturday. Things got even more complicated when JAXA confirmed early this morning that, well after the debris was spotted, they’d also been able to receive messages from Hitomi.
the satellite hasn’t responded to any of the latest attempts to get in touch.