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OC’s ‘Summer of the Shark’ May Not End

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

A nursery for great whites, coastal waters are warming, and young great whites have been sticking around longer than usual.
It’s been the summer of the shark off the Orange County coastline. However, as summer heads to a close, the great white sharks of Orange County are showing no sign of leaving.

That may be because Southern California coastal waters, known as a great white shark nursery, are experiencing warmer temperatures. Cal State Long Beach’s resident shark expert Dr. Chris Lowe and his team are studying the sharks to see why they haven’t been heading south for the winter in recent years as they did in the past. To do so, they are tagging the sharks and installing underwater cameras for an unprecedented look at their behavior and migration patterns.
“I am really excited, and the reason is because here is a population of animals that has been negatively impacted by people either due to fishing, loss of food or habitat for over hundred years,” Lowe told Al Jazeera. “I look at white sharks, the recovery of white sharks, as a sign that we have done some amazing things in bringing our ocean health back.”
LNM editors not :
LMAO are you kidding me ? the reason this change is being seen is not because the ocean is getting healthy lol no no ! It is because the damage we have done to the ocean with BP oil spills and Radiation from Japans Fukashima has hurt the food chain in the ocean and explains why there have been so many shark attacks.
End LNM comments::