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ON Air in June ??

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Hello Everyone

Just a reminder we still need help to stay on the air in June so please help us by donating & subscribing on our website from the drop down tabs or from any donate or subscribe button on our site.

Michael Vara is also scheduled to go to Rochester,NY from June 8th until June 12th to be interviewed on a TV show called Paranormal Survivor. Michael has to get to Rochester and then the show will take care of the rest, Michael is not as thrilled about recording the TV show as much as he is to see his father who is 84 years old and 3 of his children he has not seen in 5 years.

Rochester,NY & The LNM Radio Network

Our first priority is to keep LNM on the air but if you can help out with any extra funds to help Michael get to Rochester,NY to recharge his battery with family it would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone for making LNM number 1