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Open Eyes 04-29-16 M Don Schorn – The Elder Gods of Antiquity Archive

 On the Open Eyes LIVE Simulcast on Friday 04-29-16, M Don Schorn was the guest.

You can listen and WATCH the episode in its entirety on YouTube, by clicking the video below!


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Since 1996 M. Don Schorn has been investigating archaic cultures, ancient records, sacred texts, and hidden chronicles, along with anomalous artifacts and fossils. Analysis of evidence that surfaced from those studies revealed very different explanations for Earth’s development and the appearance of our human species, suggestive of extraterrestrial intervention.

His extensive research has revealed two very different groups of ancient aliens that ultimately influenced our planet. He formulated his unique Elder Gods theory to better explain Earth’s primordial past and the eventual emergence of humankind. That Elder Gods theory is revealed within his continuing book series collectively known as the Journals of the Ancient Ones.

His books are Elder Gods of Antiquity, Legacy of the Elder Gods, Gardens of the Elder Gods and History of the Elder Gods.

He is also the author of Reincarnation, Stepping Stones of Life.