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Pattie Brassard & Klan Mother Karen MacDonald (Embassy of Lies & Deception)

Patrick Brassard


Karen Ann MacDonald

I am Michael Vara creator and host of Late Night in the Midlands radio and I been doing this show for just about 10 years now and I have heard and seen a lot of things but this story takes the cake.

I will share with you how I got involved with these two frauds and I will provide the evidence to some of these lie’s and complete nonsense coming from these Jerry Springers of the alternative media.

I had a guest drop out on me last minute one night, So Ben Davis contacted me and said he has a couple of NASA insiders who would be willing to come in and fill the vacancy. I told Ben OK and I would give them a shot and see what they have to say, so show time comes and they join me live on air. I was surprised by what these two had to say and even more surprised by what they were passing off as evidence but while I never believed Patrick I felt I should at least hear him out.

I would ask a question but would never get a solid answer, however, 20 some thousand people tuned in to hear this on YouTube alone so I figured OK we will leave it to the listeners.

Karen Macdonald would ask later if she could do a show without Patrick because Pat cuts her off way too much and she wanted her own time, so I gave her time and most of the show was about steaming people’s butts to make them healthy and the show got the lowest ratings of any show I’ve done so I had no intentions of having her on again.

I later asked Ben if he could get Pattie to come on again, ALONE, so I could question him/her about this power he claims to possess, However, Karen Macdonald invited herself to the show and once again we have to hear about her obsession with steaming asses and this time I was a little pissed off because Karen was not invited.

So then finally, I would go for a 4th show and I hoped to get to those tough questions for Patrick again, however, Karen to the rescue again and hell if I got to say much the entire show between getting questions from our chat room’s and taking calls. I was just hoping someone would call in and challenge these guest, however, no one did and I began to see comments on YouTube under our shows with Pat and Karen and when someone would challenge any of these insane claims Karen (the SCAM mother) would come to the rescue for old Patrick.

I decided that I was just not going to have them back on my show because I refused to pass on any more of their bullshit but then I took notice to some shady happenings.  The shady situations such as just about every night Karen would enter our chat room and begin debunking my guest, speaking in all caps and asking if my guest had checked in with SGT Pattie Brassard and would attack my guest over and over throughout the night after and it became sickening. Karen would spam the shit out of my chat with her links and Patrick’s links and if anyone said anything to her she would go off with a bunch of tribe BS.

When we made it so she could not share her links in our YouTube chat she began doing it in our website chat room but here is just an example of what these con-artist was doing that put them heavy on my radar.

I agree Patrick the fakers will be exposed !! like now

So that is just a sample of the cointelpro actions in my chat from these two.

I only had one other guest who attacked every guest and he turned out to be a real cointel player himself. He also used a mentally ill person to further his agenda. Dr.Michael Nuccitelli is his name and I suggest you steer clear of that psychopath.

So let me share some more screen shots from these two disinfo-agents

Just like planet x years ago here he goes again with the fear mongering for attention.

So you really believe this 52 year old unhealthy man is flying in space with aliens doing the BS he claims ? You know Santa is real to right ???

Threatened to cause harm to my moderator in the LNM CHAT

Never had a word with me Pat but I do not blame them for being upset with you.

So this unhealthy 52 year old man who smokes like a broken stove has all the history records of earth but can never show anyone anything but photos he finds on the internet or photo shows himself.

Well I am the wonderful host Pat is talking about and Pat gave me no proof !! None whats so ever.

Like a 5 year old during story time, this BS artist makes it up as he goes along and when asked for proof he says I do not have to prove myself to anybody. Yes Patrick you do i’m afraid.

Ok so let us learn who Pattie Brassard really is shall we ?

Below you will find one of his many aliases but she is really a he and he is Patrick Brassard 

Look familiar ??? I have a bunch more I will not add because this says enough. Who needs all these aliases ? I will tell you who !! a con-man that’s who.



See we are not talking out of our asses, we did our research. there was also criminal records however I know those can be false through my own experience but as far as finding out who is who it is a wonderful tool. So when you go to one background check you look at relatives and keep digging and that is what we did. 

By doing these background checks we were able to match up family members and be directed to social media profiles of family and so finding out who Patrick really was and why he says the things he does was not a hard task at all.

Through our heavy research, we found that most of the so-called credentials Patrick Brassard uses belong to others like his father or his brother Michael Brassard. We were on the phone with NASA for over an hour and they checked every database and there is no record of Patrick any place not even as a subcontractor and some of the businesses listed on his resume never even heard of him.

See what his own twin brother had to say and on air when I asked Pat who Michael Brassard is!! He said, “That’s my brother pay him no attention”, so it was Patrick who confirmed Michael is his brother, I just asked the question. Karen was fast to jump in and say it may be a troll and guess what???;  it was not a troll but Patrick’s real brother. I knew before I asked. These facebook posts are his words soley….


Who Dat ???

Wait !! stop the press !!! you mean you can change pins on Saturn and stop Nibiru but you can not chat while other things are running ??? hmmmmm

This matter has decided to deal with you Pat instead.

So he has the Midas touch now ? ok then

I rather not be inserted in your BS pat but thank you. You see how he just takes stuff from TV  and makes it his own ??? wow

Oh so at 52 your the earth’s bouncer ?? and do you Carrie a light saber 2 ?? You did not look to mobile on that floor in your mothers room Patrick to be honest.

Facts ?? really ?? tell you what Patrick, you keep telling your stories and I will deal with the facts. 

I wonder how Greer feels about this ??? So anytime someone disagrees they will become a clone or the cabal lol my god all I had to do was sell BS and I would be rich !!! who knew ? good thing I have morels.

Finally one of his predictions come true

NO NO NO Patrick, we would never expect facts to come from your mouth.

Shit I missed that on the news ! so that was what those loud booms was lol what a joke !!! proof Pat let’s have the proof ! not a bunch of fake pictures.

I was holding my book up to the screen when Mr.Wonderful called it Fascist and his handler had to correct him.

Patrick try’s to push this off as a real picture. Bull shit is what it is.

Well Patrick that is where LNM Radio comes in, we do our best to bring people back to common sense like when someone makes up a bunch of BS about NASA and ET ect.

WOW if I could just reach my utility belt I can get the fabric of space time 3-frequency !!!! you just thought that one up on the fly Patrick.

Last but not least Patrick it seems you have a beautiful family and they are perhaps concerned about your mental health. I wish you would seek help. You sister is concerned and your brother is concerned.

I explained in the show how and why we did what we did …but hold on… What is going on with Patrick from a mental standpoint.  Does everyone know.. Maybe we need to consult a made for television doctor for this made for television style crazy guy.  Ok… well here is my take on this special kind of guy…

Patrick is a twin and having twins myself and other twins in my family I learned they can sometimes have identity crises. So Patrick may have wanted his own birthday party or was sick of being dressed the same and really everything was THEM not him.

So as Patrick got older I think he began to change himself, so he would be different than his brother Michael and in doing so he began to taking different stuff to change who he is (if you know what I mean) So this man now identify’s as a woman but the real harm comes from his story telling and the lie’s he tells and I know he does not believe the BS he spews because you can just listen and figure out most of it he makes up as he goes along. The worst thing for Patrick is that his handler Karen Macdonald and we will shed some light on this little darling also.

Karen Ann MacDonald

Karen Ann MacDonald

Claims to be the last of the Klan Mothers but what she really is we will let you decide.

Karen, in my opinion, is the handler. She handles Patrick/Pattie. She latched on to Patrick because she saw an easy SCAM. She latches on to this mentally ill (my opinion) person and uses this mentally ill person to get Karen on shows so Karen can get more customers for her ass steaming business.

Karen comes off as sweet and innocent the first 5 mins and if you have a brain it will not take long before you question her sanity, She speaks truth about the chemtrails and underground bases to a degree but she floods the truth with her and Patties BS so, in the end, your paying her for a steam job. She now claims to have an app that will amazingly go through all the other frequencies on the planet to get to you and then it will tell you what is wrong with you. Wait! that’s not all, no no!!! Your in luck because the SCAM mother just so happens to sell what the app (her app) says you need. Amazing right?  No, more like SCAMazing.

The first red flags on this Karen the SCAM mother was her coming in my chat room on YouTube and speaking in all caps while she demanded my guest speak with the authority SGT Pattie Brassard and then would flood my chat with her links to sell and promote her shit.

Again we blocked her from putting links in the chat and you came to our website chat and did the same thing.

So once you start coming in my chat like you’re the all knowing and you insult and ridicule my guest, I felt we should take a look at her story and find out what is really going on here. So we did and we were not shocked when we found out she was nothing more than a snake oil saleswoman who will use and abuse people until she has no use for them and BOOM!! she will throw them under the bus.

Let me share with you some screenshots

She has a few profiles out there but here is a couple below

No having several profiles is not a bad thing, just showing you is all.

MV did his research that is what happened,maybe some of you sheep should do the same.

mk ultra ?? abusive men ? Ok let’s do this 

First off this woman has an ASS obsession and steaming your butt does not do shit for you! You have to go further than that but we will leave the ass fetish to you, Karen.

I mean who in their right mind sits on the toilet on a live radio/TV show ?? are you freaking kidding me ??? steamed clam anyone ??

She has got some serious issues in my opinion. Yes she tells some truth and minerals and oils are very good for you lol but the ass steaming has got to go.

First off Karen claims her children were taken from her and brought down to an underground base and cloned, she claimed the base was located below the Olympics stadium and Pattie saved them and blew up the base you can here Pat and Karen say this in a 9 hour freak show they did on  YouTube ..  you can listen if you have no life and never want one (link below)


However, later Karen says the clones are above ground but the real kids never came back???? don’t scratch your head too long because she is as you guessed! full of crap and I will show you.

Mind you this is the last show we did and I call them out later near the end. You can see how they change their stories like BS artist does.

Well here is one kid’s profile and please do not bother them as I am sure they are embarrassed enough over their mother.

Kids father

Here are some court records that show what really happened.  Karen, you lied about your children. They were never stolen and brought to no bases underground. Although I am sure your story makes you feel better. I know don’t ask the kids the kids dad because they are!!! CLONES!!!! AND WOULD JUST LIE, BASING YOUR STORY ON HEARSAY ABOUT WHETHER YOUR DAUGHTER HAD BEEN TAKEN! YOU SAID IT… LOL… YOU’RE SO BUSTED.


So you see the kids were never taken

And some domestic public records on some abuse etc.



The people we have spoken to who knows Karen personally said she is crazy and can not be trusted.

Then there is one of Karen Macdonald’s victims who seen a homeless woman on the street and took her in and what she did to him is so despicable I can not put it in words.

Listen for yourself and then check out his court records. This man is telling the truth, he passed with flying colors when asking for proof & testimony. Michael Unger had his life ripped apart because of SCAM mother Karen and her greed. This is HIS raw testimony… 

Audio Player (recorded and released under the US laws of consent)

Here is the court records of what he is talking about.


Karen has sure had her problems with the law and I guess becoming an informant is not out of the question “eh”


This is the message from Michael Unger that wrote the article to Hatter’s blog and other blogs about his experience with Karen Ann MacDonald.

Bases 47 Part 1 & 2 Her Grace Karen Macdonald : KLAN MOTHERS … ET assault on humankind

and a conversation between one of my investigators and Michael Unger who was screwed over by Karen the scam mother.


Karen is with her kids here yet they are clones !!!!


Message to Karen from not so happy Native.

Karen (Scam Mother) Macdonald you have been exposed and your lie’s end here. Stop disgracing the native people, your not fit to be the food of natives let alone be a native. Karen is more of a cult rather than a native anything. Her and her nutty minions and members of her KLAN like Avalon Sol and others. Of course we have now exposed and broke that Klan as they are all trying to create distance between themselves and for good reason.

When you come after LNM Radio and you attack good guest and good people you get under the radar and once your under the radar you better not be hiding any secrets because we will find them.

Now I have another bone to pic here with Alfred Webre, I use to consider Alfred a friend and I use to like having him on my show but later I began to get suspicious but let me explain.

First off it seems everyone Alfred has sent my way has become a problem and in some cases long term problems like Some time ago I was approached by a guy named Eugene Sonny Irvin who said he was a part of the time traveler story Andrew Basiago tells so I asked Alfred and Andy and they both confirmed in so many words that he was ok, I mean Andy came on the show to confront Eugene he said but instead they got all kissy kissy. Anyways it turns out Eugene Sonny Irvin is a psychopath who needs a rubber room and a rehab. Eugene still trolls and stalks me to this day.

Then he sent some guy Dave the camera man and this guy had info on Marshal Masters so if someone is being a fraud then I wan’t to know. Turned out he was right and Marshall Masters is a con-man however the camera man began debunking my guest night after night in my chat room kinda like Karen did. So I had my share of problems with him.

Then there was other incidents but what bothers me the most is his willingness to promote total BS. Alfred was talking to two of my biggest stalker behind the scenes for months and did not clue me in but to his credit he did send me the copied conversation but insisted it never go public. Alfred attacks our American president but he does so in the most stupid way making up bs like Trump makes pack with reptilians ect. I have to say I see Alfred (mrs doubtfire) Webre as a disinfo agent but that being said this is what Karen thinks of him.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Ok So now here is some quick information on Avalon Sol or should I say, Chilli Schock.

Avalon Sol is like the others, he is also a SCAM artist, they use fake names so after they collect you will not find them. The night I had Avalon scheduled for my show Late Night in the Midlands he strangely asked me to remove the picture with his website on it and to not mention it at all, he only said he was trying to keep his new info separate from that website info. I have been to his site before and it sucks, nothing really on it. I found it very strange and so we looked into him also, we traced back from (who is) to find out what name registered his website and we found it and found the guy who was handling Chilli’s website and this is what he had to say.

Here is the BS he was selling ! has anyone pitched in for this ??? ask him to show you your money lol good luck.

Here is the email he sent me about Karen and Patrick, you like how these guys go and speak to their invisible people and even threaten to get you with them. These people are all part of the same ring and I will name it now the BS ring even though they pretend otherwise. The entire clan sent me emails trying to distance themselves from one another. Avalon, the fake, knew that his website would give him away and that is why he asked me to not use it and not even use a picture of it.

Here is the picture Avalon the fake did not want me to use. That site warriors of Tara are speaking loud and clear.

LNM Radio Network

Now let me share with you the last of these frauds John Titor 2 (AKA – Dana Lee Stern Sr)

A MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE A CLONE AND TIME TRAVELER but there is just one problem with that!! Your name is not John Titor and you never traveled through time let alone to another city you fraud. Look how red his face got when I called him by his real name. In this show, I produced all the evidence on this scum, some financial and otherwise he was busted.  Totally busted.

Here is an email he sends to threaten me to keep silent lol oh yea threats go over real well with me lol. 

My sincere reply

Video of John Titor II (AKA – Dana Lee Stern Sr)Hangs Himself on LNM Radio 05-10-17 

Video of Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17 (BUSTED)

It took a month of research and 12hrs to put this blog together but in the end it was all worth it because it is now VARAFIED !!! Patrick Brassard – Karen Macdonald – Avalon Sol – Dana Lee Stern Sr you are frauds and you are exposed !!!!

Michael Vara


A special thank you to Darrel and Katie for there hard work and devotion and yes !! I let the dogs out !!! and they dug up some BIG holes in these two frauds Karen and Patrick’s story.

My Investigator has something to add….. Disclaimer: there was ALOT of information to be found, however in all respect to some delicate issues, we have not released that information. As we will always advocate… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP!