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(VIDEO) Pharmacist confirms to host of Secret Teachings Formaldehyde & Mercury (Thimerosal) are in Flu Vaccine – September 23rd, 2015

The Secret Teachings host Ryan Gable comforts Pharmacist to inquire about vaccine additive

“Formaldehyde – Used to embalm bodies, formaldehyde is one of the chemicals that Aspartame breaks down into once ingested. It is a colorless, toxic, carcinogenic, with a suffocating odor. It is used to manufacture resins and plastics and acts as a neurotoxin and nerve poison. It is considered one of the most hazardous toxins to human health, as it can cause liver damage, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. Scientists are also well aware that formaldehyde has been shown to deactivate the virus in which the vaccine is supposed to cure….

“Thirmerosal, a mercury derivative, used as a preservative in vaccines, is made from a combination of Ethylene Glycol, or antifreeze, ethanol, sodium hydroxide and ethyl mercuric chloride. All of these chemicals are neurotoxins and have been shown to cause cancer and severe brain damage, specifically in children. In fact the EPA safety limit for mercury is five mcgs (micrograms), but the average flu vaccine contains 25 mcgs (micrograms), which is five times over the ‘official’ safety line.”

—–The Grand Illusion Slaves to Perception by author Ryan Gable


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