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Pinellas County officials say the man’s backyard barbecue violates air quality standards

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Check out the video at the bottom of this post. WARNING: It contains some graphic language.

The smoky smells of a backyard barbecue wafting through the air might serve to make some people’s mouths water, but in Pinellas County runaway scents can add up to trouble.

At least that’s the case for a St. Petersburg man who has logged 15 smoke and odor complaints since September 2014. The city of St. Petersburg also cited him for possession of commercial grilling equipment in a residential neighborhood.

When Pinellas County Air Quality sent out an inspector recently to share the latest complaint, resident Scotty Jordan shot a video of the exchange. In the video, the inspector explains to Jordan that county code states smoke from his barbecue cannot leave his property. It’s OK, the inspector explained, for barbecue smells to be present on a person’s property, but they cannot be evident from the street.

The county insists it did not send an inspector out to hassle a man for barbecuing, but to make him aware that “objectionable” smoke and odors are a concern.