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Planet X ? not a lens flare this time ?


11411868_10153413590353281_6805972529377697509_o Planet X 1 11336922_10153413591078281_2311933569239169730_o 11402448_10153413591088281_4772892746686524136_o

In these first few pics you can see the sky compared to the houses and roof tops and no big deal right ?

Now moving to the meat on the bones I will just say this first, These pictures were taken by Matthew Petti a regular guest and someone I trust when it comes to pictures and evidence.

I know Matthew would never fake pictures or any information for that matter and this is the only reason I will share this with you all.

It is not in my opinion lens flare because I have seen enough of those to know and this is not Marshall Masters work.

That being said Matthew himself will not say it is planet x but it is hard to over look that something is there.

I have also included part 1 and 2 of our shows we di and talked about these pics and planet x.

11111064_10153413590578281_1241747397001045504_o 11123545_10153413590348281_6168712948218074746_o 11128385_10153413590383281_829257148674936028_o 11312901_10153413590413281_3693279062614880421_o 11401801_10153413590388281_7493725625467726458_o

Archives located below

Part 1


Part 2 will be added in the next 24hrs so check back

Matthew Petti


Michael Vara

www.latenightinthemidlands.com & www.lnmradionetwork.com