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R.Wayne Steiger ( Human Origins ) LNM Radio 08-14-17

Human Origins

Host Michael Vara is joined by an amazing guest R.Wayne Steiger who has 35 years of business and technology management experience and is an expert on credit card fraud and payment technologies, most notably concerning wireless payment systems. Mr. Steiger previously was the Chief Executive Officer of FlowPay Corporation a mobile technology company providing mobile payment services to Non-Profits. Mr. Steiger was the CEO of Communication Transaction Solutions, Inc., a software development company, which was the first to enable diners to pay tabs at their restaurant table utilizing wireless technologies Wi-Fi 802.11, CDMA, Bluetooth, and GPRS. His company was the first to successfully develop a software application that integrated the first 802.11b WIFI wireless credit card terminal to an enterprise level restaurant Point of Sale system. Mr. Steiger has also served as a consulted to payment industry leaders regarding how to develop and implement new wireless payment applications, and how to ensure that it is done securely and meets PCIDSS security standards.

Previously, he was CEO of Insight Systems, which developed software for tracking real-time HAZMAT materials that help to eliminate premature casualties of First Responders. The software is now incorporated into the nation’s 911 call centers. Prior to Insight Systems, he was the CEO of U.S. Creative, Inc., a venture backed company which recruited him to revamp it into the largest Internet business specializing in creative multimedia services for commercial providers and business consumers.

Mr. Steiger is consider one of the leading experts on the subject of credit card fraud and has been interviewed in excess of 70 times by the leading national news organizations and has met with select members of the Senate Banking Committee, FBI, FTC, and Secret Service. He also authored the industry’s only manual titled Master Implementation Plan for Customer Self-Pay and is the author of The Start.

Mr. Steiger has over the 40 years of Theology and now has taken up Philosophy.

Mr. Steiger has formed his first non-profit 60seconds4humanity where he is now involved with other leading Visionaries, Technologist and Scientist bringing to the forefront of our Species the need to begin to harness the power of Collective Consciousness to begin to seek alternative ways of address the violence, hatred and killing our Species does so well with the power of Collective Consciousness.

Mr. Steiger is available for speaking engagements.


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