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REVEALED: The ‘mystery UFO orbs seen and filmed stalking homes across the globe

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

MYSTERIOUS colored “orb UFOs” have been spotted across north America in the past two weeks,
North America, particularly California, has been a hotspot for the odd flying objects which appear to stalk people’s homes and some fear could sinisterly be looking for humans to abduct.

After viewing footage on YouTube of a sighting in California two weeks ago, Borr Magilicutty said: “They appear, show themselves. Next is abduction and missing time.”

The latest sighting, which was recorded on video camera, happened in Los Angeles, California, which appears to be a alien hotspot.

It was the scene of a UFO sighting last month before a bizarre dead alien-looking creature was discovered outside a family home.

In the newest sighting, on Saturday, a man filmed a green orb with a pink centre from his home and worryingly said he saw an identical orb there two months earlier.