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Robert Stanley (Exposing the Covert Controllers of Mankind — The Archons) LNM Radio 1-3-17

LNM Radio Network

Host Michael Vara was joined by Robert M. Stanley who is currently an author and talk show host who also serves as a correspondent for America’s Morning News and America’s Radio News Network.

Robert has traveled to more than 50 countries during his life-long pursuit of modern and ancient mysteries. Over the past 30 years, his quest for unique ideas and information has led him to research and write about many controversial topics. His ongoing investigations have been featured on television, radio and in print. He currently lives in New England.

Robert Stanley, the editor of UNICUS magazine, discussed his latest work on the Luciferian agenda and its history. He revealed that he had a face-to-face encounter with an entity he thought was God back in 1985, and continued to communicate with him until 2014, when he realized the entity had misled him, and was actually Lucifer. Before Lucifer went insane (he inadvertently infected himself with mental parasites that he created such as demons, archons, and jinn) Lucifer was a builder of worlds, and came from a royal family in the Orion constellation, Stanley continued. Lucifer could also be considered to be the god known as Enki, whom Zecharia Sitchin wrote about from his studies of Sumerian mythology, he added.

Stanley said he was shown that some time in the future, there will be a wave of energy that washes over the Earth, causing our DNA to be fully activated, and humanity will be able to make clearer choices, and free itself from Luciferian influence. He cited the hexagonal cube shape on Saturn as being a portal to another dimension, created by Lucifer, who also brought a false universe into being– the matrix in which we currently exist. Further, Stanley cautioned about the dangers of technological advancements, particularly AI, as being part of Lucifer’s agenda. For more, visit Stanley’s page, Technocide.

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