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Russian billionaire: ‘I will live forever’

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Dmitry Itskov maintains that he will live forever by uploading his consciousness in to a robotic body.
Four years ago the Russian entrepreneur founded the 2045 Initiative, a non-profit organization with only one goal – to find a way to achieve everlasting life within the space of just three decades.

The key to accomplishing this, he believes, is to develop a way to ‘upload’ a human mind in to a machine – an immortal body that could maintain someone’s personality and consciousness.

The organization employs a team of highly-skilled specialists who are working on, among other things, the neural interface that will make it possible to transfer the brain to a computer.

While the Russian billionaire’s goals are certainly impressive, the question remains as to whether, even if he is successful, anyone would actually want to live forever inside the cold body of a robot.

“It will provide something that has never existed before and which could not have existed, something which may appear fantastic and incredible today,” he said. “All history will prove to be merely a process of preparing for an unprecedented leap forward in evolution.”
See more at: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/292548/russian-billionaire-i-will-live-forever#sthash.GDjIXx7j.dpuf