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Scientists create first monkeys with autism gene in hope of breakthrough

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Researchers hope that genetically creating monkeys with a gene linked to autism will give them a better understanding of the disorder
Genetically engineered monkeys with a human autism gene could help researchers learn more about the disorder, a controversial study has claimed.

Scientists in China have created the first monkeys to have autism in a study which raises questions about the ethics of experimenting on the animals.

Researchers have previously used mice and rats for autism research but they have proved unreliable and the research has yet to provide a major breakthrough for scientists.
Michael Vara comment
You know what else they have tested autism on ? CHILDREN ! yes thats right'”children”
Ofcourse they cover their tracks every step of the way but one experiment being done on a daily basis is being done through vaccination and may even be the results of the autisum epidemic now facing as many as 1 in 45 American children , according to a new government study but then that would be like asking a drug company to see their study’s rather than independant study’s before taking their drug.
So the monkeys must be for other reasons as well as a smoke screen for you and me.