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Scientists Searching for Aliens are Looking for Earth-Like Lifeforms

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Scientists Searching for Aliens are Looking for Earth-Like Lifeforms
One of the most common criticisms about the search for life is that scientists spend too much time looking for Earth-like life. Why is that the case? Doesn’t this kind of narrow focus simply limit us from actually finding anything?

Two researchers spent Monday tackling that question during “Searching for Life Across Space and Time,” the first of a two-day workshop about aliens hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
and they made the trip to Irvine, California to discuss theories behind what scientists should focus on when searching for extraterrestrial life on other worlds — and the two unintentionally laid out a pretty good case for why those efforts should focus on Earth-like life.

From the outset, we know that scientists focus on aliens resembling life from Earth because all any of us know is Earth. Looking for something that’s totally unknown is, to put it lightly, pretty damn difficult. If Earth-like life sprung up once, it could do so again.
the odds of finding life on a cold gas planet like Neptune or a barren atmosphere-less rock, like the moon, are next to impossible. But there are plenty of reasons to believe life can survive on other worlds.