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The Secret Teachings LIVE Sunday (4/3/16) 9pm EST – M. Don Schorn & The History of the Elder Gods Theory – FREE DOWNLOAD

 The Secret Teachings 4/2/16 – Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak / Jack from MOI


The Secret Teachings 4/3/16 – M. Don Schorn & The History of the Elder Gods


pasted_image_450x60027_3 TOPIC: Join The Secret Teachings as Ryan Gable welcomes a pioneer in the original theory of ‘ancient aliens’, with a new and well constructed, detailed work on the origins of humans on Earth. This includes genetic modification of an emerging species on Earth with a group of extraterrestrial within our own solar system, perhaps living on Mars or Maldek (Asteroid Belt Planet). A planetary disaster, self-inflicted, led to the remains BOPH beings transferring to Mars with the help of the Ancient Ones. An uprising later occurred leading to a split that sent a portion of the Mars colony to become the Lunar Pitris on Earth’s Moon. These humanlike beings chose alliance with the Ancient Ones rather than the rouge Mars colony. This leads to the genetic modification of these beings with the ancient ancestor of modern man known as pithecanthropus. Fast forwarding, a division was made on Earth between primitive man and the BOPH gods, who had broken away from the Ancient Ones. This led to an ‘excile’ of the Ancient Ones, and leads us into our modern day control of human life from behind-the-scenes and accounts for perhaps several paranormal occurrences including UFOs. Evidence for all of this and the Elder Gods theory can be found in M. Don Schorn’s books, available on his website (HERE – fourth book only available here!) OR on his author page from the publisher (HERE).

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The Grand Illusion-Slaves to Perception (Softcover) (Digital)
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False Profits & the Lovers of Children (Softcover) (Digital)
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