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The Secret Teachings 7/20/16 – Jerry Day & the ‘Smart Grid’ (LIVE Wednesday)

12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST

thumbnail_Jerrys-FaceHost Ryan Gable will be welcoming Jerry Day to the program to talk Electromagnetic Frequencies/radiation in the home and workplace, from ‘smart’ phones to ‘smart’ meters and utility companies. We are bathed in an ocean of EMF radiation and with the construction of cellular towers, WIFI, and more, it seems inescapable.

Jerry Day is an Emmy-winning Television Producer who posts editorial videos online on freedom and rights issues and exposing the hazards and harm caused by “advanced” electronic utility meters, some of which are called “Smart Meters”.

From this grass-roots activism and his research Jerry explains these problems and offers solutions for people who have discovered the damage, invasion, hazards and nuisance caused by their electronic utility meters.

Websites: FreedomTaker & EMFhelpcenter

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