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The Secret Teachings – NOW AIRING (Wednesdays) LIVE

The Secret Teachings radio program is now airing Wednesday nights, along with its current spots on Saturday & Sunday night on the LNM Radio Network. Times for the show are listed below with air times and several options for listening at home or on the go.

ATTENTION: All shows air again on LNM Radio twelve hours after their initial Live broadcast.

If you missed a show or don’t want to be up so late, SUBSCRIBE today and become an ‘initiate’ of The Secret Teachings to gain access to our entire show archive of high quality content, our video section and more.

The Secret Teachings airs LIVE

Saturdays @ 12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST

(ReAiring Sunday morning 12Noon EST)

Sundays @ 12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST

(ReAiring Monday morning 12Noon EST)

Wednesdays @ 12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST

(ReAiring Thursday morning 12Noon EST)

Listen & Chat on LNM Network – HERE

Listen on iTunes – HERE

Listen on TuneIn – HERE

Listen without data on your Phone – Call 605-562-4203

Contact Ryan or Mike D.