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Sexual Assaults by UN Peacekeepers. UN Peacekeepers Fathered 24,500 babies in Cambodia 6,600 in Liberia. Widespread Sexual Exploitation

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

A draft report on Tuesday, released by the United Nations internal oversight body, found cases of widespread sexual exploitation by the UN peacekeeping forces, while stationed in countries beset by conflict and natural disaster.

The study focused mainly on the two countries of Haiti and Liberia, where ‘transactional sex’ is very common. According to a new UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) report obtained by the news agency, a third of alleged sexual exploitation involved minors under 18 and help for these victims is listed as “severely deficient.”

This revelation came to light after investigators interviewed about 231 people in Haiti, who claimed that they were forced to perform sexual acts with the UN peacekeepers in exchange for ‘basic necessities’. (According to the ‘Associated Press’)
– See more at: http://truthcdm.com/sexual-assaults-by-un-peacekeepers-un-peacekeepers-fathered-24500-babies-in-cambodia-6600-in-liberia-widespread-sexual-exploitation/#sthash.RKGg2D75.dpuf