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Sheila Zilinsky (Al Gore Is At It Again – “Inconvenient Sequel” ) on LNM Radio 03-16-17

Sheila is the host of The Sheila Zilinsky Show (aka the Weekend Vigilante), and author of Green Gospel.

Al Gore Is At It Again – “Inconvenient Sequel” Is More Like “Convenient Lies”, and Green Gospel

Sheila Zilinsky, a former high level government executive for the Ministry of Environment, discovered confidential information in 2007 that lead her to speak out against the fraud of anthropogenic global warming and the entire green agenda.
Zilinsky is an internationally recognized radio host, author, and minister. Her radio broadcast ministry outreach extends to the four corners of the globe.
Sheila examines the emergence of the New World
Order, Global Governance, Agenda 21, The Green Agenda, Big Brother, Marxism, The coming One World Antichrist system, transhumanism and the rise of the false doctrine and Apostasy in the Church.
She examines news and world events under the lens of a Biblical World View and End time Bible Prophecy.
Host Michael Vara is joined by Sheila Zilinsky of The Sheila Zilinsky Show (aka the Weekend Vigilante) to discuss the global warming fraud and the potential new world order agenda 21 depopulation agenda.

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