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Six UFO’s Invade Columbia,SC Sky’s Sunday Evening 10-16-16

It was approximately 7pm eastern in the city of Columbia, SC,  my wife, my kids, and myself were heading to the hospital to visit a family member when out of nowhere my wife asks, what is in the sky ?

I looked over her from my seat in the passenger side of the van and was also curious as to what we were looking at so we pulled over.

photo-1-4 photo-1-5 photo-2-5 photo-2-6 photo-3-1 photo-4 photo-5

We were on a not so busy road that runs along side interstate I – 26 heading to Lexington hospital and we watched what at first looked like military airplanes because of what looked like a contrail, however they did not move fast at all and at times looked to just hover and the so called contrail was not a contrail after all.

Video click link below and blow up to full screen to see some of the objects in video. Excuse the F-bomb


My next thought was meteorite rocks must be in the sky,  however once again, I seen hundreds of meteorites in the sky and these definitely were not meteorite rocks.

there was 3 rows of two with one being many miles behind the others. there was a very very large dark cloud in the distance and they headed towards this cloud but before they would reach the cloud they went from looking long (like a streak or a meteor with that tail kind of thing) to morphing into what looked like flat disk objects.

These objects two at a time reached the giant black cloud and never came back out. I know if these were planes they would have to move faster then they did which was almost still and if they were space rocks you would see them only for a second if your lucky. If they were space rocks in our atmosphere we would have seen them maybe a few more seconds but we would have heard them sizzle also.

We heard no noise and I promise you that these did not fit any of the conventional explanations we would normally put on something like this.

The good news is 4 of us seen them and this time we have pictures.

What do you think we captured?


Michael Vara