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Some Facts on San Bernardino Shooting

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Some Facts on San Bernardino Shooting
What the Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You
A woman texted, “Drill started.” She said she recognized the pattern of movement by police because she had seen this drill many times before. same thing they’ve been drilling for every single month based on info given by this woman on twitter.

Now I ask What are the odds that a building where law enforcement has been holding an “active shooter” drill month after month,, would be randomly hit by active shooters?

None, of course, and of all the buildings in Los Angeles, how many are used by police as training grounds for monthly shooting drills? Virtually none.

so They chose to be active shooters in the exact same building where police have been training in active shooting drills for months!

Anyone who believes the official story is delusional.
“They knew it was going to happen…”

How blatant and in your face do these staged shootings have to get before people wake up and realize it’s all a sacrificial manipulation of the people and their compassion so they may confiscate guns from private citizens ?
so this suv was stopped 4hrs after the shooting near the crime scene ? Do you know these people could have been in Mexico in 4hrs ?????