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Soros,Obama,Clinton Strike again

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Brandi Allen was in tears Sunday afternoon outside of UAB Hospital, while her son, Brian Ogle, was inside recovering from an assault.

“Instead of us planning for his 18th birthday, we’re here. Why? Because he made a statement that he backs the blue? I’m still trying to understand how someone, no matter the color of their skin, can do this to another human being,” said Allen.

Sylacauga police said he was assaulted in the parking lot of an old hardware store Friday night following his high school’s homecoming game. Police said the 17-year-old was bleeding from his head.

Chief Kelley Johnson and investigators will be meeting at the District Attorney’s office on Monday morning to present their evidence.

Johnson hopes to get warrants signed today so they can begin taking people into custody, but he doesn’t know how long the DA’s office will take in that process.

Over the weekend, Johnson says they interviewed roughly 20 people, including witnesses, family members and persons of interest.

Allen said her son’s skull is broken in three places.
Police haven’t determined a clear motive, but Johnson said it appeared to be racially motivated and social media could be a factor