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South Carolina Emergency & State Government should be Praised for their Efforts

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

I have to speak up against some of my so called colleges and alternative media’s who want to make a conspiracy of every dam thing.

I see articles coming out about the South Carolina state government and emergency personnel who in my opinion did and is doing an incredible job of saving lives and preventing large death tolls.

To date South Carolina has had a total of 14 deaths compared to N.O who had at least 1,245 people die.

Shame on you idiots out there trying to make headlines on your pathetic websites to boost your profit while misleading the public.

I see reports of “police state in view during SC flood” and “local government imposition of curfews is a drastic response to the threat of individual citizens endangering themselves.” or how about this ridiculous claim by the intel hub below

“”An individual has a right to travel, regardless of the weather or threat that is posed to their own lives by the act of traveling. Local governments in South Carolina, however, seem to think that the right to travel is subject to suspension when in conflict with the wishes of said government and emergency personnel.

The argument, of course, is that by traveling, the citizen is endangering the lives of emergency personnel if the citizen finds himself in a situation from which he needs to be rescued.

This argument eliminates both the right and the choice, as well as the possible necessity, of travel from the citizen, and is based squarely upon the idea that the convenience and responsibilities of emergency personnel outweigh the right of the citizen. They do not.”””

intelhub that is why you are the alternative to the main stream media because your no better than the main stream media.

The local Government and emergency personnel did a great job and is doing a great job.

I am here in Columbia,SC and I can tell you roads are caving in and flood waters are historic and NO you do not have a right to endanger others lives because you wish to be an idiot and site see during a natural disaster.

You take away from those who really need help so for anyone to make that statement they are complete morons period ! further more no one is going to jail for being out past curfew,rather people are being taken to safety and being asked to stay off streets.

No matter what officials do they are wrong ! they save lives they are wrong ! they ignore and let you die they are wrong !!

How much can you do about dams failing or roads and bridges failing due to flood waters ? These people who are complaining and not even in SC ! these are the same people who will beg for help when it happens to them.

with all due respect please SHUT THE F@#% up already.

I can say with confidence that measures taken by South Carolina Government and South Carolina National Guard and South Carolina Fire Rescue and South Carolina police and the people of South Carolina was fantastic and saved many many lives and myself and my family thank you all deep from our hearts for putting your own lives on the line to save others.

Alternative media will always be the alternative as long as they continue to report BS like the main stream media has for decades,Any of you who are blessed to have a mic in front of your face and a people to follow and listen to your every word,with that privilege comes a responsibility to report honest and fair. You have failed miserably and I am proud to distant myself from those in the disinfo business and from the Alternative media.

We are LNM Radio and I am Michael Vara

Reporting to you from Columbia,SC