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Stayin’ Alive? Last Surviving Bee Gees Singer Confess To Having Seen His Brothers’ Ghosts

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

The last surviving band member of the Bee Gees band, Barry Gibb just admitted he has seen his brothers ghosts.

“It’s not fun because you’re not quite sure what it was about.

“If it was real. I saw Robin and my wife saw Andy.

“Maybe it’s a memory producing itself outside your conscious mind or maybe its real.FilePic: Getty ImagesFilePic: Getty Images

“The biggest question of all is: is there life after death? I’d like to know,” Barry revealed in a recent interview with UK newspaper, The Daily Mail.

Barry had formed the legendary Bee Gees band with his brother Robin and Maurice back in 1958 and the trio had their first hit in 1967.

They recorded a string of international hits throughout the 1970s, renowned for their stirring ballads and catchy dance songs.