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Thomas Freed (Tax Reform/Tax Law/Corrupt Judiciary/Healthcare/NK) on LNM Radio 04-20-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by author and activist Thomas Freed who discusses Tax reform, tax law in the courts, corrupt judiciary, healthcare repeal & fix, etc. , what ever, and all. www.irszoom.com  and  www.tax-freedom.com Video Version Did you miss a past show of Late Night in the Midlands ? Become…

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Tsunami warning lifted for Indonesia after a 7.9 Earth Quake stikes

Tsunami warning lifted for Indonesia after a 7.9 Earth Quake stikes Tsunami warnings for Australia and Indonesia have been lifted, after a powerful, shallow 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. There were mixed reports on whether there had been deaths, http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/77490698/79-magnitude-quake-strikes-southwest-of-indonesia-tsunami-warning-for-australia

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Did scientists just pick up the first intelligent radio waves from a distant ALIEN planet?

ASTRONOMERS have picked up five mysterious unidentified radio signals that could originate from OUTSIDE the Milky Way. The “fast radio bursts” included one “double signal” never heard before and have left astronomers buzzing with excitement over the possibility of it being a message with alien origins. Only 11 of the…

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UFO Sightings: Alien Struck By Lightning In Brazil? [WATCH VIDEO] Mars, Australia Plagued By Extraterrestrial Life?

By Quadz UFO Sightings 2015 – The world is constantly being graced by appearances of aliens. This recent weeks, several UFO sightings have been documented. What’s interesting is that man may be closer to uncover the truth about these unexplained appearances on Earth and even on Mars. On Aug. 16,…

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