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The Night the Shills Cried ( A Vara Reproduction )

Benjamin Rogers Davis Junior ,fort polk,Kevin Smith,LNM Radio,Karen Macdonald,Pattie Brassard,Alfred Webre,Michael Vara,Ben Davis

This is a fun way to further get the word out on these frauds ! No it is not Elvis singing but I think you may enjoy it if you follow LNM Radio. Vara Productions

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John Titor II (AKA – Dana Lee Stern Sr)Hangs Himself on LNM Radio 05-10-17

LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

Host Michael Vara was joined by a man who claimed to be a clone and a time traveler and when Michael did his own research into this man he found our this con mans real name is Dana Lee Stern Senior and Dana has not been a very good man through…

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Aug Tellez – Advanced Technology / Celebrity Cloning – 5-13-16

Michael Vara was joined by Aug Tellez and opened many doors to many minds as to what is going on all around you despite your unwillingness or inability to recognize it. Aug explained how he was abused in this program since he was a child,this show is a must listen for…

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Beware of Alternative Media Projects ?

The Alternative Media ! Alternative to what ? I felt it important to warn you all of a major problem with in the alternative media !! it has been infiltrated from everything from trolls to paid dis-info agents to folks who meant well in the beginning but fell to the…

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