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(The Mind) guest Seth Resler joins Michael Vara on LNM Radio 11-17-16

Seth Resler Joined Michael Vara to discuss the mind and the reality we live in. http://sresler1986.wixsite.com/intothemind The book is about human thought, spirituality and learning about life. It’s an outlet for people who may not be able to express themselves. I want to reach families so they can possibly understand …

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LNM Radio guest Eric Jewell ( EX – Order Space Weather ) Trump,Clinton 10-28-16

Host Michael Vara was joined by Vet Eric Jewell to discuss Trum,Clinton and the old world order. Michael Vara shared Obama’s Oct 13th Exsecitve order (Space Weather Prepardness) and shared why Trump will get Black America’s vote. So so much more with calls taken also. Did you miss a past …

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