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John Titor II (AKA – Dana Lee Stern Sr)Hangs Himself on LNM Radio 05-10-17

Host Michael Vara was joined by a man who claimed to be a clone and a time traveler and when Michael did his own research into this man he found our this con mans real name is Dana Lee Stern Senior and Dana has not been a very good man through …

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Michael Vara Calls Out the Disinformation and Separates Himself from the Before It’s News Researchers

http://lnmradionetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/LNM_Archived_Shows/2016/Michael_Vara_Trump_Video_03-13-16.mp4   Michael Vara has had enough of those who claim to want America to be taken back by we the people. Donald Trump is real and is using his own money and resource to help free America from the establishment who have imprisoned,lied and killed patriots. This battle between …

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