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R.Wayne Steiger ( Human Origins ) LNM Radio 08-14-17

Human Origins Host Michael Vara is joined by an amazing guest R.Wayne Steiger who has 35 years of business and technology management experience and is an expert on credit card fraud and payment technologies, most notably concerning wireless payment systems. Mr. Steiger previously was the Chief Executive Officer of FlowPay Corporation a…

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David Meade ( Planet X / Nibiru is Heading our way in 2017 ? ) LNM Radio 08-11-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by David Meade who studied astronomy, and economics, at a mid-western university. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 Companies, writing special reports for management. He is a specialist in research…

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John Shaughnessy ( Pyramid Gravity Force ) LNM Radio 08-09-17

Ancient mysteries researcher John Shaughnessy joins Host Michael Vara on LNM Radio where he discusses his theory that the pyramids found on the earth are actually geoengineering devices that utilize gravity waves to stabilize the Earth. John Shaughnessy enlisted in the US Navy and spent three years on the fast…

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Robert Pepino ( North Korea/Nibiru Planet X Eclipse ) LNM Radio 08-08-17

Host Michael Vara was joined by guest and planet x researcher Robert Pepino who came on tonight to discuss what are said to be photos of planet x that listeners have sent in and we also spoke about N.Korea and this article out of Glasgow Scotland. To see all the…

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Len Kasten ( Alien World Order ) LNM Radio 08-04-17

Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

Host Michael Vara is joined by Len Kasten who has a B.A. degree from Cornell University, where he majored in psychology and minored in literature and philosophy. After graduating from Cornell he entered the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program. While in the Air Force he experienced a UFO encounter that…

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Robert Pepino ( R.I.P Jim Marrs/Open lines ) LNM Radio 08-03-17

Jim Marrs

Host Michael Vara is joined by friend and former radio host Robert Pepino to discuss the Moon,Planet X and to remember legend Jim Marrs. Great show as we go over photos of what is said to be X and taking calls on open lines. video version Did you miss a…

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Matt Mosteller & Scott Snitzer ( Government-Sponsored Harassment ) LNM Radio 07-31-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by Guest Matt Mosteller  and Scott Snitzer  who claimed to be targeted by ABC agencies around the world. What are we talking about you ask ? have a listen and you tell us. Guest Links : Video Version Did you miss a past show of Late Night…

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Dr.Jason Rand ( UFO,s/Planet X/ET & Open Lines ) LNM Radio 07-28-17

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. NYS Licensed Psychologist iPredator,LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio,Dr. Internet Safety-Internet Safety for Teens and Tweens - iPredator

Host Michael Vara is joined by his old friend and long time guest Dr.Rand. Great discussion about planet x,ET,the fake sun and the truth about religion and the bible. Great listen so sit back and enjoy. Video Version Did you miss a past show of Late Night in the Midlands…

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Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba (Physicians’ Untold Stories) LNM Radio 07-27-17

Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba is an internist in private practice in Wheaton, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine with honors and did his residency at Rush Presbyterian-Saint Lukes Medical Center in Chicago and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has been awarded membership…

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George Mcclure (Planet X Update & Mayan Calendar Update) LNM Radio 07-26-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by return guest George McClure wos is the writer of “Alien Love” and “The Ballad of O.J.Simpson”, writes and performs nationally. George’s “Playboy Swing 2” CD is on J.I.P. Records. ALSO get “Playboy” on iTunes and “Champagne Saturday” on iTunes and Amazon McClure is Academy of…

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