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Dr. Michael Salla (Secret Space Program & The Extraterrestrial Presence) on LNM Radio 04-13-17

Dr. Michael Salla is a pioneer in the development of exopolitics. He is the author of several books that include Kennedy’s Last Stand (2013) and Galactic Diplomacy(2013) . Dr. Salla was an Assistant Professor/Researcher in Residence in the School of International Service, American University from 1996-2004. He has a PhD …

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Round Table with John B Wells (Shadow Government & Current Events) on LNM Radio 03-23-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by John B Wells as part of our LNM Round Table.We discussed Antarctica,Trump,Flat Earth and so much more. John is also an internationally renowned voice-over artist with credits ranging from serving as the announcer for CBS’ The Late Show with Craig Kilborn, to voicing promos …

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David Meade (The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump & Planet X ) on LNM Radio 03-14-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by David Meade studied astronomy, among other subjects, at the University of Louisville. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 companies, writing special reports for management. He is a specialist …

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Human sacrifice played a key role in shaping ancient societies: Brutal butchery of the lower classes created a hierarchy and helped the elite gain power

Researchers studied 93 traditional Austronesian cultures Found a link between ritual human sacrifice and social hierarchy Believe the brutal practice helped establish and maintain a ruling elite May have let humans evolve from small groups to complex communities Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3522815/Human-sacrifice-played-key-role-shaping-ancient-societies-Brutal-butchery-lower-classes-created-hierarchy-helped-elite-gain-power.html#ixzz44tunGiPI

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