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PRESLEY E. ACUNA (End Times predictions)Peter Kling LST HR on LNM Radio 05-09-17

Host Michael Vara was joined by Presley Acuna and later Peter Kling. PRESLEY E. ACUNA writes unconventional thrillers, based in reality, but which take unexpected turns into the realms of fantasy, magical realism, science fiction and horror. His aim is to engage the reader in an engrossing mystery or adventure, …

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Peter Kling (The Biblical End Times) on LNM Radio 03-28-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by Peter Kling who is Considered the Einstein of Biblical Prophecy, Peter Kling has combined his scientific and Biblical knowledge to uncover the “Mysteries” that Religion has tried to keep hidden for over 2000 years. The Kling family has a 500 year history of standing for …

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Dr.Scott Mcquate (Tribulation) Michael Vara on LNM Radio 11-11-16

Host Michael Vara is joined by Dr. Scott McQuate who discussed Christianity,Nibiru.Islam,end times the bible,ET and so much more. Dr.Scott Mcquate The Tribulation Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author and lecturer known around the world for his extraordinary insights into the Bible and other ancient texts. He has been …

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Warning of rare BLACK MOON: Astrological event to herald ‘End of Days’ and second coming

Warning of rare BLACK MOON: Astrological event to herald ‘End of Days’ and second coming FRIDAY’S Black Moon could bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ, Christians and conspiracy theorists have claimed. http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/714924/Black-Moon-END-OF-THE-WORLD-JESUS-apocalypse

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