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Open lines (Open Lines) on LNM Radio 04-1-17

Open Lines Video Version Did you miss a past show of Late Night in the Midlands ? Become a Late Nighter with out the late nights and listen at your convenience. Just $5 bucks a month and you have access to all the LNM archives,Forums,insider videos all through the Late…

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Joanne Summerscales ( Alien Abduction ) on LNM Radio 04-11-17

Joanne Summerscales founded the AMMACH Project– the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline in January 2011. She has had a long term interest in those experiences of humanity that encompass areas that challenge us the most– the spiritual, and the paranormal. The very subjects which are still treated by society…

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Rick Hayes (Paranormal & Psychic Readings) on LNM Radio 03-21-17

Rick Hayes Since 2003, he has brought inspiration and life changing insight to thousands through personal consultations, media appearances, and nationwide speaking appearances – but tonight Psychic Medium and Life Consultant Rick Hayes will share with us insight on the gifts of life and life continual. Rick is a best…

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Josie Varga (A call from Heaven) on LNM Radio 03-20-17

LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

A Call From Heaven A Call From Heaven: Personal Accounts of Deathbed Visits, Angelic Visions, and Crossings to the Other Side A Call from Heaven provides one of the most compelling proofs of life after death methodically demonstrating that we are never really alone. Not in birth. Not in life.…

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FBI, NSA: ‘No evidence’ Russia manipulated US vote tallying

FBI, NSA: ‘No evidence’ Russia manipulated US vote tallying While many Democrats frequently say Russia “hacked” the presidential election, National Security Administration Director Adm. Michael Rogers and FBI Director James Comey both confirmed today that Russian activities had no impact on tallying votes in states. http://www.theamericanmirror.com/fbi-nsa-no-evidence-russia-manipulated-us-vote-tallying/

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Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer (EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY) – LNM Radio 2-3-17

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® (aka The Psychic Explorer™) is the author of the award winning, critically acclaimed best-sellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. He is a world-renowned  fourth generation  psychic medium who communicates with spirits.   Mark is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in…

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Kelly Jones (Akashic records) Then Patti & Karen return (Gamma Wave) LNM Radio 12-14-16

and later Kelly S. Jones and then Host Michael Vara is joined by Pattie L. Brassard – Karen ann MacDonald who are two extraordinary guest, one being a NASA whistleblower. Kelly S. Jones Through many years of training with Chinese Masters, Kelly learned to “divine the earth” with a special focus…

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Joanne Summerscales & Bill Brooks (UFO abductions and covert military experiment) LNM Radio 12-13-16

Michael Vara is joined by Joanne Summerscales shared the remarkable story of Bill Brooks, a former British soldier, who experienced what he calls a ‘download’ of information revealing a lifetime of UFO abductions and covert military experimentation. Joanna Summerscales has been researching and interviewing Experiencers-Contactees & Abductees on camera and…

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How can Obama break bread with him? President meets with Saudi ruler after fresh evidence emerges linking Arab kingdom with 9/11 attacks

Terrorist certificate placed in envelope from Saudi embassy in Washington Details sparked concerns government may have links to the terror attacks Relations between US and Saudi are at a low point, with Obama snubbed by the King as he arrived at Riyadh airport Obama has been accused of siding with…

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