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David Meade ( Planet X / Nibiru is Heading our way in 2017 ? ) LNM Radio 08-11-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by David Meade who studied astronomy, and economics, at a mid-western university. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 Companies, writing special reports for management. He is a specialist in research…

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Robert Pepino ( R.I.P Jim Marrs/Open lines ) LNM Radio 08-03-17

Jim Marrs

Host Michael Vara is joined by friend and former radio host Robert Pepino to discuss the Moon,Planet X and to remember legend Jim Marrs. Great show as we go over photos of what is said to be X and taking calls on open lines. video version Did you miss a…

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George Mcclure (Planet X Update & Mayan Calendar Update) LNM Radio 07-26-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by return guest George McClure wos is the writer of “Alien Love” and “The Ballad of O.J.Simpson”, writes and performs nationally. George’s “Playboy Swing 2” CD is on J.I.P. Records. ALSO get “Playboy” on iTunes and “Champagne Saturday” on iTunes and Amazon McClure is Academy of…

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The Night the Shills Cried ( A Vara Reproduction )

Benjamin Rogers Davis Junior ,fort polk,Kevin Smith,LNM Radio,Karen Macdonald,Pattie Brassard,Alfred Webre,Michael Vara,Ben Davis

This is a fun way to further get the word out on these frauds ! No it is not Elvis singing but I think you may enjoy it if you follow LNM Radio. Vara Productions

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Bob Dunn (Nemesis/Nibiru System ) LNM Radio 07-18-17

planet x,Ipredator,LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

Host Michael Vara is joined by guest and planet x researcher Bob Dunn. You CANNOT Interpret End of Days Bible Prophecy & Ignore this! It’s the Micro KEY to All End of Days Prophecy & Israel’s re-birth on 11/29/47 by UN Decree is the Macro Key. 1947+70=2017 Video Version Did you…

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Pattie Brassard & Klan Mother Karen MacDonald (Embassy of Lies & Deception)

Avalon Sol,John Titor,Coast2coast,Michael Vara,LNM Radio,Donald Trump,Art Bell,infowars,X-Files,sgt. pattie l brassard,pattie l brassard,karen macdonald,secret space program,underground bases,mind control,alien,interdimensional,dark faction,illuminati,time travel,soul transfer,hybrids,full disclosure,plasma,ai,quantum computer,vrill,mkultra,black goo,solar warden,advanced technology,breakaway civilization,planet x,Nibiru,hoax,exposed,NASA,Avalon Sol,Alfred Lambremont Webre

Patrick Brassard & Karen Ann MacDonald I am Michael Vara creator and host of Late Night in the Midlands radio and I been doing this show for just about 10 years now and I have heard and seen a lot of things but this story takes the cake. I will…

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Pattie Brassard & Karen Macdonald (Truth Operations/ Q & A/ NASA/Gaia) LNM Radio 06-22-17

Ipredator,LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

More 2 come later   Video Version Did you miss a past show of Late Night in the Midlands ? Become a Late Nighter with out the late nights and listen at your convenience. Just $5 bucks a month and you have access to all the LNM archives,Forums,insider videos all…

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John DeSouza (UNTHINKABLE IN UFOLOGY) LNM Radio – 06-08-17

UFOs,frauds,LNM Radio

Host Michael Vara is joined by John DeSouza who has researched and collected experiences on paranormal and spiritual topics for two decades. Previously, he was an investigating official of the US government who maintained a Top Secret security clearance during many years at one of the major “three letter agencies.”…

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Agent MIB (Ancient History – UFO’s & The Paranormal) LNM Radio – 06-02-17

LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

Host Michael Vara is joined by Agent-MIB for a wide rang discussion. Agent MIB has over 25 years of career experience in a number of roles including IT Management, Information Security, and as a Senior Engineer in microcommunications and mobile computing products. Agent MIB professional accomplishments includes: Holds a US Patent…

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Cole Collins & then Dr. Jason Rand (Health Care Bill/ Earth Changes) on LNM Radio 05-19-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by two guest, the first is Cole Collins the author of The Witch of Washington to discuss the heath care bill by the GOP and the crazy left and then Dr. Jason Rand comes on board the mother ship to discuss planet x and the up tick…

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