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Lori Toye (Vedic Astrology Predictions for 2017 & Future Maps ) LNM Radio 12-20-16

Host Michael Vara was joined by author and mystic Lori Toye who has written twelve books and published four maps dealing with geographic changes in the Earth and how we can respond to these changes to create peace and harmony and advance our own spiritual growth and self-development. “This is …

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David Mead (Planet X The 2017 Arrival) on LNM Radio 12-8-16

Host Michael Vara is joined by David Meade who studied astronomy, among other subjects, at the University of Louisville. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 Companies, writing special reports for management. He is a …

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Will Champion (“UFO’s, ET’s, and The New World Order Connection ) on LNM Radio 12-01-16

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NASA Insider Tells All (Planet X-Space Wars-Battle Planets) on LNM Radio 11-18-16

Host Michael Vara is joined by Pattie L. Brassard – Karen ann MacDonald who are two extraordinary guest, one being a NASA whistleblower. This show is jam packed with information and live video feeds in space showing ET wars,Nibiru and Planet X. co hosts- guests on the radio show “www.darkcityradio.com” …

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LNM Spook-A-Thon (Michael Vara with 3 guest in 4hrs) Oct-22-2016

Michael Vara kicks off Spook-A-Thon on this Saturday afternoon with 3 guest (Dane Wigington) (Dr.Rand) (Peter Kling) Help up out and donate to help LNM Survive Become a Late Nighter with out the late nights and listen at your convenience. Just $5 bucks a month and you have access to …

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