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Steve Olson (Planet X & our Future) on LNM Radio 04-10-17

  video version Did you miss a past show of Late Night in the Midlands ? Become a Late Nighter with out the late nights and listen at your convenience. Just $5 bucks a month and you have access to all the LNM archives,Forums,insider videos all through the Late Nighter…

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ExoMars spacecraft sends first picture back to Earth

Space captured by the ExoMars spacecraft which is travelling to Mars CREDIT: EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY /EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— It may not seem the most thrilling image, but this grainy picture of the solar system has generated a collective sigh of relief at the European Space Agency. It is the…

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Interstellar Travel with Laser Light Propulsion

Traveling to other star systems is a big dream, but achieving it may require going ultrasmall. Blasting tiny, waferlike sailing spacecraft with powerful lasers could slash interstellar flight times from thousands of years to mere decades, one researcher says. See more at: http://www.space.com/29950-lasers-power-tiny-interstellar-spacecraft.html#sthash.TWinQZBn.dpuf

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