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Alan Crawford (Supernatural)Tom Freed (Tax plan/Health care/Hillary) on LNM Radio 11-07-17

Host Michael Vara is joined in the first half by Alan Crawford  and then later by political annalist Thomas Freed. Alan Crawford is the author of How Not to Get Rich: The Financial misadventures of Mark Twain, which has been reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker (so far)…

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Shane Sirois (Parasitic Entities) on LNM Radio 05-0-17

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Shane Sirois. I am a long time Paranormal Researcher. I am known for my success in dealing with and knowledge of Parasitic Entities. At first believed to be “ghosts” we now understand them to be actual lifeforms………possible even alien. I have appeared on many, many shows. I am also a…

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Michael Graves (spirit photography) on LNM Radio 02-22-17

Michael Graves is a proud native of Memphis, Tennessee, and now makes his home in the “Lone Star State” of Texas. A lifelong enthusiast of the paranormal, he has spent the last seven years photographing and researching well-known haunted locations. He now shares his ghostly experiences and amazing photos in…

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Thames Society of Paranormal Investigation – LNM Radio 2-8-17

Host Michael Vara was joined by Associate Director & Photographer Stephanie Sutera & PR Specialist & Investigator Marilyn Marin of the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. They are a paranormal investigation team located out of Groton,Connecticut that was founded in 2010. Their team has conducted several investigations both at residences and…

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